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301 Washington St, Plainville, MA 02762, USA

301 Washington St, Plainville, MA 02762, USA

Before After
301 Washington St, Plainville, MA 02762, USA 301 Washington St, Plainville, MA 02762, USA

Junk removal in Plainville, MA

16 Clark St, Medway, MA 02053, USA

16 Clark St, Medway, MA 02053, USA

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16 Clark St, Medway, MA 02053, USA 16 Clark St, Medway, MA 02053, USA

junk removal in Medway, MA

400 Foxborough Blvd, Foxborough, MA 02035, USA 7/13/2022, 11:33:29 AM

400 Foxborough Blvd, Foxborough, MA 02035, USA 7/13/2022, 11:33:29 AM

Before After
400 Foxborough Blvd, Foxborough, MA 02035, USA 7/13/2022, 11:33:29 AM 400 Foxborough Blvd, Foxborough, MA 02035, USA 7/13/2022, 11:33:29 AM

Furniture pick up in Foxborough, MA

Professional Junk Removal Company in Norfolk County, MA

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Reliable and efficient junk removal company in Norfolk County

The Junkluggers of Greater Boston are the junk removal experts you have been waiting for! Whether you have a small place that just needs a little spring cleaning or a commercial property going through renovations, we are ready to help. We offer a large variety of junk removal services to meet your specific needs. From furniture removal to estate cleanouts, our junk removal specialists are trained to remove your junk safely and efficiently.

At The Junkluggers of Greater Boston we do things differently compared to our competitors. We specialize not only in junk removal, but recycling, upcycling, and donating your junk to your local community charities. We want to help make a difference in Norfolk County, so be sure to contact us for all your junk removal needs.

Our junk removal services in Norfolk County:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • E-waste recycling
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Mattress removal
  • Storage unit cleanout
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

E-waste recycling in Norfolk County, MA

Living in the 21st century, we have become heavily dependent on electronic devices to get through the day. New devices are released and the old ones become obsolete, but with the help of The Junkluggers of Greater Boston, old electronics can be disposed of properly.

As a consumer, you might not realize how harmful some of the metals and plastics in electronics can be the environment. We train our junk removal contractors to know what devices can contain harmful materials and will not break down properly in a landfill. When we remove electronics for you, we recycle them properly to protect your environment from unnecessary damage. This also gives us the opportunity to donate your electronics and let them be reused!

Recyclable and reusable electronics we take:

  • Computers
  • Video game systems
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • And other electronics

The Junkluggers of Greater Boston has trusted junk removal contractors to help with all of your junk removal needs. Be sure to contact us in Norfolk County, MA for a free estimate on all our services!

Job Stories From Norfolk County, MA
Playset dismantle and removal in Westwood, MA

We helped this client dismantle and cart away a large children's playset in his backyard that his children had outgrown. Our team had all the tools and training to disassemble the playset swiftly and efficiently. We loaded all the wood and bits into our trucks and left the lawn spotless. We also removed a number of items of furniture and other household items from the home and basement. We were able to donate and recycle on behalf of the client as well, vastly reducing the carbon footprint of the job. Good for the client, good for the environment! 

House cleanout in Wellesley, MA

We were hired by a professional move manager to help clear out her client's home in preparation for a move. There were several furniture items located throughout the house in addition to lots of clothing, books, and other household items. We were able to squeeze everything into just over a truckload, maximizing value for the client. We were also able to donate to Savers on behalf of the customer. The move manager was very happy with the service and recommended us to another move manager who hired us to do a job the following week. 

Basement clean out in Westwood, MA

We helped this client with a large basement clean out project. The job took multiple days and was time sensitive, but we staffed it appropriately and got her basement comlpletely cleared out of 15 years worth of old furtniture and junk that had collected before her deadline. We were even able to bump her up in the schedule to accommodate a last minute change in her timing, which she really appreciated. We donated on her behalf as well and provided her a donation receipt, which she loved. She was referred to us by a realtor client who said she would definitely be recommending us again to all her homeowner clients and friends. 

Basement clean out in Westwood, MA - Photo 1
Junk Removal for a repeat customer in Dedham, MA

This customer has done a full house cleanout with us in preparation of selling the property

Junk Removal in Needham, MA

We carried out an estimate for this lady for her first appointmnt.  She like it, she booked.  We returned and carried out the work for less than the estimate

Junk Removal in Brookline, MA

Large sectional and a very heavy coffee table had to be removed here.  We can take heavy and we can always find a way to remove the big sectional

Junk Removal from a house in Milton, MA

A full truck nearly of furniture and junk was the job required at this house in Milton 

Junk Removal in Needham, MA

Furniture, and books the main items on this job.  We love being able to donate books!

Furniture Removal Service in Needham, MA

We hauled several items for a client cleaning out old furniture, including a full bed frame, full mattress & box spring, nightstand, and a bureau. The luggers were able to organize these items so they only took up 1/6 of a truck, keeping the price low for the client. We were able to donate the bureau to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where it will be resold for a low price to someone in the community, and the funds used will support Habitat for Humanity's mission. The mattress will also be recycled- mattresses are highly recyclable when put through the proper process. We love working with our recycling partners to ensure that the recyclable materials are diverted from the landfill!

Attic Cleanout Service in Milton, MA

At the Junkluggers, we can do jobs big or small- big items, small items, large cleanouts, or just decluttering. Sometimes, when small items accumulate we're called to come in and remove them. Our commitment to recycling and donating whenever possible makes it easy for clients to trust us to dispose of their items properly and responsibly and relieves them of the burden of having to find the proper disposal location.

At this cleanout, we removed several items in the attic that had built up over the decades and needed to be removed. Lots of items were reusable and recyclable, and just hadn't been touched for years! The client was very happy that we provided all the labor, and that they didn't have to move any of the items themselves. The cleanout ended up being a full truckload, so they definitely saved themselves the headache of having to move everything! 

Basement Cleanout in Milton, MA

We often clean out basements, garages, and attics- the places where the junk will accumulate because it's out of sight, and out of mind. Unfortunately, junk doesn't stop existing when you can't see it anymore! That's a big part of the reason why we try to donate and recycle as much as possible. 

At this basement cleanout appointment, we removed lots of different items- a lawn mover, ladder, couch, file cabinet, mirror, small furniture items, rugs, a fence section, and old computer equipment. Even with all the different items, the luggers were able to arrange it so they only took up half a truck, saving the client money! 

Needham Heights, MA Junk Removal Service

We were able to get several items donated to Savers in West Roxbury following an appointment in Needham Heights. The item list included backpacks, blankets, DVD's, lamps, bedsheets, and games. We work hard to remove the stress from decluttering, and we'll use every resource available to us to make sure items are removed sustainably. 

Wellesley Hills Furniture Removal and Donation Service

We love working with all of our clients, but we get really excited when we're called to jobs where the client has very nice, reusable furniture to remove. Whatever the reason, if it's old, doesn't match their style, or if they're moving, we love to donate furniture on behalf of our clients. At this appointment, we were able to get several nice pieces donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This benefits the environment as it diverts from landfills, and the community since a new owner will be able to purchase these great pieces at an affordable price. Better yet, the money from the resale will benefit Habitat for Humanity's mission and help them create positive change in our communities!

Furniture Removal in Franklin, MA

We hauled several furniture items from this appointment, including a very bulky desk with shelving. Additionally, we removed a footboard and headboard, rocking chair, old grill, and dresser. The luggers were able to fit everything together so the items took up less than half a truck! 

Braintree, MA Junk Removal Service

We hauled lots of miscellaneous junk from this appointment in Braintree. The item list included a futon with a mattress, office chair, shelving items, bike, and boxes of random junk. The luggers were able to fit everything together so it only took up 1/6 of a truck, and the mountain bike was donated to Habitat for Humanity. Our convenient service is a win for our clients, community, and the environment!

Medfield, MA Junk Removal Service

We hauled several items from this Medfiled appointment, and were still able to keep costs low for the client. The item list included a sofa, chair, dining table, entertainment center, dresser, and multiple tables. The luggers were still able to fit everything in 3/8 of the truck! 

Randolph, MA Furniture Removal Service

We often get called when our clients order new furniture and have to get rid of the old. They appreciate our service, especially that the luggers provide all the labor. We also donate and recycle whatever possible, so even if the items no longer serve our client, they don't have to go to the landfill.

Storage Unit Cleanout in Norwood, MA

We often get calls to clean out storage units on behalf of customers or the company themselves. Cleaning out a unit can be overwhelming if you want to get rid of most of the items- that's where Junkluggers can help! Instead of doing it all yourself, we'll come in, provide all the labor, load everything on the truck, and take it to the proper disposal location. At this appointment, we took a TV stand, mattress and box spring, rugs, boxes, and a dining set, and the luggers were able to fit it all in 1/8 of a truckload! 

Canton, MA Apartment Cleanout Service

We cleaned out a whole apartment at this appointment and removed all items for only 5/6 a truckload! The item list included boxes, large furniture, rugs, dishes, coats, dressers, nightstands, mirrors, and a highboy. The luggers were able to fit everything on the truck efficiently and save the clients money. There was a lot of donatable and recyclable material at this appointment, and the clients appreciated our convenient service during a stressful time.

Stoughton, MA Junk Removal Service

We work a lot in real estate, but we also do a lot of work with home improvement projects! This client was decluttering in order to have their floors redone, and needed Junkluggers to clear out a lot of unwanted stuff. The item list included mattresses, tube TVs, an old washer and dryer, a broken sectional sofa, tires, and other small items. We were able to recycle the mattresses, TVs, and tires, and even got a few items donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore!

Furniture Removal in Sharon, MA

While we do lots of big jobs, we do smaller ones as well! For this furniture removal appointment, we took a bed frame, side table, and 2 dressers. Everything only amounted to 1/8 of a truck! The customer enjoyed our service so much they decided to book with us again a few months later.

Junk Removal Service in Foxboro, MA

We did a full truck cleanout for this appointment in Foxboro, including outdoor toys, dressers, nightstands, cribs, bedframes, tables, and a bunch of trash. The best part of working with Junkluggers is that we will take everything and find the best possible disposal option for each item!

South Weymouth, MA Junk Removal Service.

We removed several different types of items from this appointment, including tables, a king bed, and lots of bags of junk and trash. We were able to recycle the mattresses and the client was very happy to have everything taken away at once. 


Junk Removal for Move in Holbrook, MA

This client was moving at the end of August and had several boxes of items and small appliances that they weren't able to bring along during the move. The luggers were able to get all the remaining items cleaned out for the next resident, and organized everything on the truck so it only took up 1/8 of a truckload!

Junk Removal in Weymouth, MA

Our client in Weymouth had a hot tub located in the garage to be removed. This removal was a bit trickier, and there were a few moving parts as the hot tub had to be emptied and disconnected before we could haul it away. The client had to reschedule at first, but the luggers were able to complete the job in under a week from the initial inquiry. 

Dover, MA Construction Debris Removal

Our client in Dover had a small brick wall taken down at their home and needed to have the debris removed. It had been bagged by the contractor, but they needed help getting the heavy left-over materials off the property and properly disposed of. The team of luggers came in, hauled it all away, and disposed of it responsibly in just a few hours.

Dover, MA Estate Cleanout Service

This client's parents were moving out of their home and they needed to have the garage and basement cleaned out. There were some junk and recyclable items to be removed, but there were also lots of donatable items as well. The client was happy that in one appointment they could have everything removed, and that the luggers would do all the work and ensure every item was disposed of as sustainably as possible.

Curbside Pickup Service in Walpole, MA

This client in Walpole used our discounted curbside pickup service to have over 30 moving boxes removed, along with some packaging, plywood, and scrap wood. Since the items were all smaller, the client found it easy to move outside for curbside pickup. They were happy with the convenience of the service and even happier that the curbside option comes with a discount!

Quincy, MA Estate Cleanout Service

This client needed help cleaning out a whole house in Quincy after an estate sale. There were still several items left and they needed everything removed as quickly as possible! The luggers came back a few days in a row and removed over 6 trucks worth of junk from the house! The client was pleased with how hard the luggers worked to get the items cleaned out efficiently. 

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