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3 Nelson St, Natick, MA 01760, USA

3 Nelson St, Natick, MA 01760, USA

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3 Nelson St, Natick, MA 01760, USA 3 Nelson St, Natick, MA 01760, USA

Junk removal in Natick

23 Village Rock Lane, Apt 21 NATICK, MA 01760

23 Village Rock Lane, Apt 21 NATICK, MA 01760

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23 Village Rock Lane, Apt 21 NATICK, MA 01760 23 Village Rock Lane, Apt 21 NATICK, MA 01760

Junk removal in Natick

11 Pumpkin Pine Rd, Natick, MA 01760, USA

11 Pumpkin Pine Rd, Natick, MA 01760, USA

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11 Pumpkin Pine Rd, Natick, MA 01760, USA 11 Pumpkin Pine Rd, Natick, MA 01760, USA

Junk removal in Natick, MA

Respected Estate Cleanout & Junk Removal Company Middlesex, MA

"I have now used Junkluggers twice for junk removal in my home and was not only impressed by how quickly...
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Reliable and efficient junk removal company in Middlesex County

The Junkluggers of Greater Boston are the junk removal experts you have been waiting for! Whether you have a small place that just needs a little spring cleaning or a commercial property going through renovations, we are ready to help. We offer a large variety of junk removal services to meet your specific needs. From furniture removal to estate cleanouts, our junk removal specialists are trained to remove your junk safely and efficiently.

At The Junkluggers of Greater Boston we do things differently compared to our competitors. We specialize not only in junk removal, but recycling, upcycling, and donating your junk to your local community charities. We want to help make a difference in Middlesex County, so be sure to contact us for all your junk removal needs.

Our junk removal services in Middlesex County:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • E-waste recycling
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Mattress removal
  • Storage unit cleanout
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

E-waste recycling in Middlesex County, MA

Living in the 21st century, we have become heavily dependent on electronic devices to get through the day. New devices are released and the old ones become obsolete, but with the help of The Junkluggers of Greater Boston, old electronics can be disposed of properly.

As a consumer, you might not realize how harmful some of the metals and plastics in electronics can be the environment. We train our junk removal contractors to know what devices can contain harmful materials and will not break down properly in a landfill. When we remove electronics for you, we recycle them properly to protect your environment from unnecessary damage. This also gives us the opportunity to donate your electronics and let them be reused!

Recyclable and reusable electronics we take:

  • Computers
  • Video game systems
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • And other electronics

The Junkluggers of Greater Boston has trusted junk removal contractors to help with all of your junk removal needs. Be sure to contact us in Middlesex County, MA for a free estimate on all our services!

Case Studies From Middlesex County
This client was downsizing but wanted to do it sustainably. They had several different types of items and lots of recyclables that had accumulated in...
Job Stories From Middlesex County, MA
Furniture removal from apartment in Cambridge, MA

We removed a number of items of furniture for this client from her 3rd floor walk up in Cambridge, MA. The team handled all items with care on the multiple flights of stairs and were able to donate some of the furniture to Habitat for Humanity. The client was very happy with the service and said she would be using us again for her move in a handful of months. 

Apartment cleanout in Cambridge, MA

We helped this client with a last minute request to clean out her rental apartment before new tenants moved in. She was recommended to us by her realtor, who is a a repeat customer of the Junkluggers, recommending us to all his clients who need removal services. There were multiple rooms of furniture, household items, appliances, boxes of clothes and books, etc. Unfortunately, the elevator broke, and the crew had to use the stairs to access the third floor walk up. Not an issue though! The team handled it with gusto and without complaint. We were able to donate on behalf of the customer as well. She was very happy with the service, and our team were out in a handful of hours, leaving her with a completely empty apartment in time for the cleaners to come that afternoon and the new tenants to move in that early evening. We received thi review from the client: "First Abby was kind enough to squeeze me in at the last minute, and then Felix and Stephen turned out to be absolute saints, lugging stuff down three flights of stairs by hand when the elevator broke. What more could you ask? They're awesome!" 

Large oil tank removal from a home in Waltham, MA

We were tasked with removing a very large, very old oil tank from the basement of this house in Waltham, MA. The tank was far too big to get up the stairs and out in one piece, as the house had been built around it. We also had to wait for the oil to dry before we took our tools to it to cut it in half, to ensure the safety of everyone and all property involved. We were able to successfully and safely saw the tank in half and remove it from the basement and get it onto our trucks. The material was even recyclable!  Very happy (and relieved) client! 

Junk /packaging removal post move in Belmont, MA

This client hired us to clean out his property post a move. He had tons of excess carboard boxes clogging up his garage and driveway, in addition to a handful of furniture and household items that just didn't suit the new house. We were able to take everything away for him in under an hour, flattening all the cardboard boxes to reduce his volume charge substantially and allow us to more easily recycle them. We also took away his furniture and household items and were able to donate some of them to Boomerangs, one of our local charity partners that helps fight AIDS. The client was especially thrilled to have his garage back in time for the winter months! 

Storage unit clear out in Somerville, MA

We helped this client clear out her storage unit in Somerville. The unit was filled with over a full truckload of boxes of books, magazines, and records - all very heavy! After loading all the items into our trucks, we left the customer with an empty storage unit she no longer had to pay for every month. We also sorted through her boxes and were able to donate nearly an entire truckload of books and records to one of our charity partners, More Than Words, who were incredibly appreciative of the donation. Always gratifying to save tons of pounds of reusable stuff from needlessly getting chucked in landfill while helping out a local charity at the same time! 

Storage unit clear out in Somerville, MA - Photo 1Storage unit clear out in Somerville, MA - Photo 2Storage unit clear out in Somerville, MA - Photo 3
Furniture declutter in Winchester, MA

We helped this client who was in the process fo downsizing clear out his home in a multi-stage effort. This was our first of two trips, and we cleaned out the first and second floor of all unwanted furniture, household items, clutter, trash, etc. He wanted to make a separate appointment for the garage and basement when he was ready. We did all the lifting and sorting, and the client was very happy and booked us to come back 10 weeks later. We recycled and donated many of his items as well. 

Furniture clear out in Newton Center, MA

We helped this client get their house ready to close on time by removing all remaining furniture items on all 4 floors of the home. We were able to safely carry multiple items of furniture down multiple flights of stairs. We also picked up any remaining odds and ends and left the home spotless. Very happy customer who loved her donation receipt as well. 

Apartment clear-out in Marlborough, MA

This customer was moving out of their apartment and had to get it cleaned out with a tight deadline.  We cam next day.

Junk Removal in Newton Highlands, MA

This lady needed a mixture of Junk, Furniture and Construction and Demo material removed. 

Junk Removal in Newton Lower Falls, MA

This lady had furniture, junk, metal and even a tyre to remove.  we can take all this and sort it properly 

Mattress removal in Watertown, MA

We regularly pick up mattresses for this company and donate them to a local charity for the homeless

Junk Removal in Acton, MA

We took a mixture of funriture fromm this property.  We were able to donate a nice Futon to Household goods

Basement Clean-out in West Newton, MA

Basements tend to be where we store the junk, but they can be much more useful without it in there! 

House Cleanout in Somerville, MA

This customer was selling the property at the end of the month and needed the house cleaned out ready to close

Cardboard pick up in Chestnut Hill, MA

This is a weekly job for us in Chestnut Hill, the customer loves knowing that we will recycle correctly!

Attic Clean-out in Arlington, MA

This was a repeat visit to a customer doing a big clear-out ahead of a property sale, this time to tackle the attic.  

Apartment clear-out in Framingham, MA

This was a realtor connection who needed an apartment cleaned out.  

Junk Removal in Newton Upper Falls, MA

This job had a mixed bag of items, including cardboard, electronics, and furniture. We'll haul anything besides hazardous waste, and work with donation and recycling partners to divert as much as possible from landfills, saving clients the hassle of figuring out where to take items.

Garage Cleanout in Arlington, MA

We did a big garage clearout in Arlington.  We took everything from cinder blocks to metal shelving.  Everything recyclied and deisposed of correctly and now the customer has their garage back! 

Furniture Removal for Move in Arlington, MA

We were able to help these clients with hauling various furniture and junk items prior to their move and the sale of their house. The item list ranged from cabinets, chairs, and desks to electronics, pictures, cleaning supplies, and other small items. The clients appreciated that we were able to work quickly and efficiently and adapt to get the job done. 

Medford, MA Curbside Pickup Service

We removed some furniture items from this appointment, and since they were small and easy to maneuver, our client appreciated our convenient, discounted curbside pickup option. They moved the items out onto the sidewalk in advance of the appointment, and the luggers organized them on the truck and hauled them away. We were also able to recycle the old mattress, diverting it from the landfill!

Junk Removal in Auburndale, MA

We are happy to do jobs big or small, and some of the jobs we help with are just decluttering items that have built up over time. At this appointment in Auburndale, we removed several trash bags, a few small furniture items, and a headboard. The client was glad they didn't have to find out where to take everything, and we were even able to donate a few items!

Lexington, MA Patio Furniture Removal

Each spring we get lots of calls about yard waste and patio furniture. This past spring, one of our appointments in Lexington had us remove several patio chairs and tables so they could get their outdoor space ready for guests. These jobs are easy for the clients and the luggers since the items are already outside! We also use avenues and recycling partners to recycle as much as possible, even materials that can't go in your blue bins.

Curbside Pickup in Newton, MA

Our convenient curbside pickup is a great option for small jobs with just a few items, or even for jobs with many items! A client in Newton had a mix of furniture and recyclables for curbside pickup, and our luggers were able to quickly load it on and remove everything.

Newtonville, MA Garage Cleanout Service

We do lots of garage cleanouts- it's a space where junk accumulates, but it's also a space our clients want to be able to use for strorage and projects! At this decluttering appointment we were able to remove several different types of items and they still only took up half a truck. We organize everything as efficiently as possible and use flexible price points to give our clients the best value!

Furniture Removal for Move in Natick, MA

We often help clients with decluttering and cleaning out before a move, whether a big or small job! We removed several small items for this client- an old tv and stand, step stool, pvc pipes, office sign, and bags of items. It only amounted to 1/8 of a truck, but they were happy to have all the small items disposed of in one appointment.

Waban, MA Furniture Removal Service

We hauled a bunch of furniture for this client, including an armoire, kitchen table, queen bed, nightstand, sofa pillows, and carpet- and all of it fit within 1/8 of a truckload!


Hudson, MA Junk Removal Service

This client needed a few items removed from their apartment and wanted a quick and convenient solution. They booked online and we were at their location within a few days to remove a sofa, headboard, side tables, AC unit, carpet, and miscellaneous electronics. There were a few donatable pieces, and were able to recycle the AC unit and some of the other electronics! 

Home Cleanout Service in Boxborough, MA

We worked with a professional organizer to get this home cleaned out, ready to stage and sell. There were decades worth of junk in the basement, and it ended up being a five truck job! There were some donatable items and we were able to accomplish this big job on a tight timeline, making the organizer and client very happy.

Stow, MA Junk Removal Service

The luggers removed lots of different items from this appointment in Stow, MA. The list included ranged from old carpeting and a shower door to trash and remodeling debris. Even with lots of junk to haul away, the luggers were able to organize it so everything only took up 1/8 of a truck, saving space and money for the client!


Concord, MA Furniture Removal Service

This client needed lots of old items to be removed from their apartment in Concord. The item list included a bicycle, TV from 1999, queen bed set, floor lamps, patio furniture, plastic boards, drawers, and a coffee table. The luggers were able to arrange everything so it only took up 1/6 of the truck, and recycled the mattress and TV properly to avoid them being landfilled. 

Junk Removal Service in Holliston, MA

This client used the Junkluggers to remove two lawnmowers- a 42" walk-behind mower and a smaller version. We don't get lawnmower jobs every day, but they can be hard to figure out what to do with, and we're happy to help!  These lawnmowers weren't being run and were just sitting in the shed taking up space, so the client was glad to have them removed. 

Furniture Removal Service in Framingham, MA

This client in Framingham needed to have old furniture items cleaned out of their home, including 2 beds and mattresses, a futon, 4 chairs, 2 couches, 2 bureaus, a microwave, kitchen wares, bedding, and other boxes with miscellaneous items. The luggers ended up hauling over a truck's worth of items away from the house! The client was pleased with how fast and convenient the service was and how friendly the luggers are.

Framingham, MA Furniture Removal Service

This client in Framingham was getting new furniture and needed to have some items removed while decluttering to make space. The list included a 2 seater couch, old crib, tv, construction debris, a futon, and golf clubs. The client was pleased they could get rid of all different types of items in one appointment and trust each would be disposed of properly and responsibly. 

Wayland, MA Furniture Removal Service

This client was moving from their home in Wayland and had many unwanted furniture items that needed to be removed. The list included a twin mattress with a box spring, 2 twin bed sets, a bookcase, tables, a desktop, pictures, a TV, an ottoman, and rugs. The client was pleased with the convenience of the service, and even with so many items, they only took up 3/4 of a truck.

Furniture Removal Service in Wayland, MA

This client in Wayland only had a few different items to be removed from their home, including a mattress, carpet, desk chairs, and a microwave. Even with a few different items, they only took up the minimum amount of space!

Wayland, MA Junk Removal Service

This client in Wayland had ordered new furniture and needed to have old items removed to make space for the arrivals. The list included a love seat, a small refrigerator, computer desktops, and an iron wood-burning stove. The client was pleased with how convenient the service is and the professionalism of the luggers!

Sudbury, MA Junk Removal Service for Move

This client was cleaning out their home in Sudbury before a move and called the luggers to help haul the old items away. The list included a tv cabinet, several beds, desks, a bookcase, a dresser, vanity, tables, and other small and large items. The luggers removed two trucks worth of junk from the home during the appointment! The client booked us a few months out and was very happy with how smoothly the process went so when it came time to move, they were ready. 

Junk Removal Service in Ashland, MA

This client in Ashland was decluttering and had a few unwanted items to be removed, including a desk, office chair, boxes, and other miscellaneous items. With a bunch of smaller items, the client was able to get rid of everything at once, and they only took up the minimum amount of truck space, saving the client money! 

Hopkinton, MA Junk Removal Service

This client had a wide range of items to be removed from their Hopkinton home, including a queen-sized bed with a mattress, metal bookshelf, spare tire, Ikea tables, shelves, and a chair. The client was pleased everything could be removed in one appointment and would still be donated and recycled. 

Sherborn, MA Junk Removal Service

This client was moving and needed to clear out several items in their Sherborn home. The list included a refrigerator, sleeper sofas, desks, bookcases, beds, filing cabinets, chaise lounges, chairs, shelving, and more! The luggers removed over a truckload of unwanted items from this appointment. The client was happy to know that as many of their items as possible would be donated and recycled to avoid the landfill.

Junk Removal Service in Marlborough, MA

This client in Marlborough needed help moving some items from their apartment. The item list included a king mattress and bed frame, TV console, desk, computer stand, bookshelf, corner stand, chest, floor lamp, and chairs. Even with all these items, they only took up 1/4 of the truck space! The client was impressed by how easy the luggers made the cleanout process. 

Lincoln, MA Basement Cleanout Service

This client in Lincoln needed some help cleaning out the basement in their home. The item list included dressers, desks, boxes, bins, a dishwasher, and several chairs. There were enough items in the basement to fill a whole truck! The client was happy that in one appointment they could get rid of all their unwanted items, from appliances to trash and donatable items. 

Junk Removal Service in Lincoln, MA

This client in Lincoln had accumulated lots of smaller, unwanted items and wanted a quick and easy way to get rid of all of them. The list included an old spa cover, shutters, a lawnmower, chairs, gutters, a crate, a curtain rod, and other miscellaneous items. The client was pleased that with our wide range of donation partners, we're able to get lots of things donated to be reused, not just clothes and household goods. 

Acton, MA Mattress Removal Service

This client in Acton needed a mattress and two bed foundations removed from their condo. They only took up the minimum amount of space in the truck, making the removal efficient and affordable! The client was happy with the ease of removal with the luggers help.

Weston, MA Junk Removal Service

The luggers helped a client in Weston with a full-house cleanout and removed a full trucks' worth of unwanted items for them! The item list included kid's toys, pillows, blankets, wood scraps, glassware, dishes, and more items throughout the garage, porch, basement, and barn. The client was happy that in one appointment, they could have trash and donatable items removed and trust they would be properly sorted and disposed of or donated.

Basement Cleanout Service in Maynard, MA

This client in Maynard booked the luggers to help clean out their home. The item list included bookcases, heavy totes, a recliner chair, a patio set, cabinets, and more to be removed from the garage, shed, and basement. These are three of the most common spaces junk accumulates, so when it's time to clean out, call the luggers for an easy, fast removal process!


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