Case Studies

Case Studies

This repeat client had previously used us for a large basement cleanout but found a few more items to get rid of while finishing the decluttering process. 
Sometimes clients need help from more than one professional service when they're decluttering. Junkluggers proudly collaborates with real estate agents, moving companies,...
We were called for an estate cleanout appointment located in Franklin, MA. Estate cleanouts tend to be bigger jobs as items accumulate over the years and it gets more difficult...
This client had a three-bedroom house that they needed to have cleaned out quickly and efficiently. They previously held an estate sale, but had many items left over and weren't...
We help clients with time-sensitive appointments, and we also help clients who book far in advance. Sometimes, things happen and the client isn't available and needs to reschedule....
This client just needed a few items cleaned out and was looking for an easy way to do that without adding any additional stress to the process. 
Moving can be tricky, especially when you're moving around a fast-paced city like Boston! Clients need to make everything work with their busy schedules. 
Sometimes, clients don't realize how many unwanted items they have until it's time for them to go! This client was moving and scheduled an appointment to have their house...
Navigating around any big city can be difficult- around Boston there are several narrow and low bridges that our truck can't fit on or under. 
One of the most challenging things about decluttering and cleaning is figuring out what to do with everything when done, especially since the pandemic started. It can be difficult...
This client in Walpole had just completed a bathroom remodel and wasn't sure what to do with all of the leftover materials, tiles, and debris.
This client had several smaller items and some unique ones as well, and wasn't sure where they would be able to dispose of or donate everything.
We often get calls to help with junk removal from clients who are moving. Buying, selling, and moving can be complicated processes and it's often a pretty hectic time in our...
We often encounter clients who just aren't ready to get rid of everything yet- they don't have a plan, or don't know what items they want to get rid of. They just know that...
This client had an entire house to be emptied, and because the items were spread out throughout the house, it seemed like much less junk than it really was. 
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